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Gifts for special men! Nissan Logue, Logue one Star Wars Limited Edition!

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Gifts for special men! Nissan Logue, Logue one Star Wars Limited Edition!


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Good morning? Pondcloud. The Nissan Logue / Logue One Star Wars Limited Edition vehicle has been released, which is a good news for those wolves who like the Star Wars series.










 For you to pursue a more special life ... Logue one Star Wars Limited!

As the end of the year approaches, there are times when you need a special gift for yourself. Nissan Logue: Logue One Star Wars Limited Edition, which is a special edition for men seeking a more special life, has been officially announced. Star Wars filmmaker Lucasfilm and Nissan Motor Company are launching the Collaborative Star Wars Limited Edition, car. If you are a Star Wars fan, it will be a thrill just to hear from you.






 Star Wars loom test video released together!





In the middle of the video, Nissan Logue Car appears.











Logue one Star Wars Limited Edition!







Logue one Star Wars Limited Edition!







Logue one Star Wars Limited Edition!












 Limited edition! Special edition! difference!




Logue one Star Wars Limited Edition!




The first difference in the front part is the black front grille.








<Left: Logue one Star Wars Limited Edition / Right: Logue>







Signature LED headlamp has been applied.






For the side part, there is a limited edition badge at the bottom of the front door.









Logue one Star Wars Limited Edition!







Logue one Star Wars Limited Edition!




Four season all-weather tires and black 17-inch alloy wheels are available.







On the right side of the D-filler is Orleans log decal, which represents the alliance.







Galaxy Empire log decal is applied on the right side of the D filler.









Logue one Star Wars Limited Edition!




The rear bumper protector has a Star Wars log.







Under the door to the driver's seat is a Star Wars aluminum kick plate.





The driver's seat has a black handle.







There is also a carpet with a limited edition log inserted.







Galactic and Orleans cup holders stand for Star Wars.


In addition to the difference between the Star Wars Limited Edition, which was confirmed by photographs, there are more than 17 different things, so I think that only the limited editions have enough value.



Includes SV Features plus:

Sun and Sound Touring Package:
Power Panoramic Moonroof and Bose Audio System

Limited Edition Exterior:
Signature LED Headlights
Black Front Grille and Front Lower Finisher
Black Lower Rear Finisher
Black Rear Door Finisher
Black Roof Rails
Black Door Handles
Limited Edition Badge on Front-row Doors
Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire Logo Decals? D-pillar, Tone-on-Tone
Black 17 "Aluminum-alloy Wheels with All-Season Tires
Star Wars Logo Rear Bumper Protector

Limited Edition Interiors:

Limited Edition Logo Carpeted Floor Mats
Star Wars Logo Illuminated Kick Plates
Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire Logo Cup Holder Inserts
Interior Accent Lighting
Charcoal Cloth Interior
Available in Glacier White or Magnetic Black






   Star Wars Logue One Episode The release date of the Nissan Logue Cola boo!

In the meantime, limited editions of limited edition or special edition titles such as jewelry, watches, cosmetics and shoes have been released. In the case of automobiles, some specifications were packaged and sold under the name of limited edition. In short, I was not able to get a big issue or popularity because I only sold a limited edition. However, it is hard to find a case where the Star Wars series and the car company show up in the form of a collaboration like this one. It is expected that Nissan logue and Star Wars logue one episode which can be called adult wolf 's toy become popular with the atmosphere of year - end. Nissan Logue: Logue One Star Wars Limited Edition will be showcasing 5,000.


Star Wars logue one episode will be released in Korea at Christmas time, but it is surely a good news for those who like Star Wars!


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High quality 6G Granger IG picture released! Design analysis and overseas reaction / AZERA

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High quality 6G Granger IG picture released! Design analysis!



Photo, CARSCPOOS excerpt | Writing, pond clouds

Hello? Pond clouds! Two days after Hyundai Motor's 6th generation Grandeur Rendering, which will rescue Hyundai from Hyundai Motor, was released through overseas media. It is the most interested car in Korea and it is a best selling model, so I was interested in it before the launch, but it seems that rendering is open and evaluation of design is mostly satisfactory.

If you look at the pictures of the actual car, there is no big difference with the rendered pictures. Since Hyundai Group's design leader, Peter Schreyer, has joined Hyundai Group, Hyundai Group's design technology has a competitive edge compared to global automakers. The 6th generation Grandeur has developed a more dynamic design by adding volume and depth to the front and rear fenders.





 It resembles the Genesis! Aslan has become even more breathtaking!

In the case of the front part, a cascading grill that sublimates the curves of the pottery into the design language is applied. Domestic markets are marketing differences with the Genesis Crest Grill through the press, but overseas reactions are overwhelmingly a response to the difference between the Genesis brand's Crest Grill and Hyundai's Cascading Grill. There is no flaw in the design, but with the blurring of the design boundaries between the premium brand Genesis and Grandeur, Hyundai's top model, Aslan, is likely to be hit by his brother Granger.


In the case of the side part, the design of the Grandeur is inherited as it is, but the volume feeling of the rear fender increases, and it is possible to receive the impression like a car with a good mobility like a coupe. The chrome surrounding the window and the chrome located under the door give you a feeling of luxury not seen in conventional Hyundai cars. Previous generations have used chrome extensively in the major parts of the exterior, but in the case of the 6th generation grandsor, they feel more refined using chrome.



 The back of the culmination of design!

In the case of the rear part, you can feel that the design of the griller connecting the left and right tail lamps has greatly improved from the previous generation. The tail lamp design has been changed to a three-dimensional shape, and at the bottom of the tail lamp, chrome molding that thickens as it goes to the center is applied. These moldings can feel a sense of heterogeneity, and a design that has a sense of unity with the tail lamps shows that Granger's design has reached its peak.



Dodge of the bumper at the bottom of the rear part It seems that I do not feel the plainness of the rear part while designing the central part of India in three dimensions. The skid plate and muffler tip of the same design as the two-tone air dam that connects to the bumper are stylishly rear side.



▲ Chrome molding with 3D effect applied to EQ900

I applied the familiar design rather than the appearance of the interior. For 4-fork handles, a different design than the 5th generation grille has been applied. The mid-section with the Hyundai logo is made from urethane to leather, and the design of the lower part of the center is changed, so it is actually similar to the handle of the Jennysys. I have applied the analog system to the dashboard, but I think it is necessary to check the specification if it is a choice for distinguishing from the premium brand Genesis or whether there is a dashboard of the digital type in the high specification.

The protruding navigation, which had become an issue before the launch, is in harmony with the center fascia relatively. In Korea, we do not prefer navigation in the form of pop-ups, but it is applied to Benz, Audi, and BMW, which are selected as global luxury cars, which is a global design trend.

The center fascia and gear box design is similar to the G90 (EQ900), and because it has an intuitive UI (user interface), I would like to rate that it has the highest level of center fascia design and UI among Hyundai models. In particular, the position of the air conditioner is the same as that of G90 (EQ900: Ekusu), and the atmosphere around the air conditioner is treated with a leather finish to comfortably create the atmosphere of the interior.



The buttons that control the volume and the air conditioner are designed to be connected by water droplets on both sides. It is a part where we can see how much the Hyundai Motor has put the Grandeur into the market and I would like to applaud the design completion drawings. The shape of the gear bar would have been better if it had a square shape or an electronic gear bar seen on the G90 or Audi, but on the other hand it seems to be too much anticipation for the Grandeur, I expect it.


▲ Refer to center fascia and gear bar on EQ900


 The reaction of automobile overseas media !!!

Granger's export name is AZERA, which shows hundreds of comments on major media in overseas automobiles as rendering and real-life photographs are released. Granger's interest seems to be higher than ever at home and abroad. I gathered the main reaction.



We have summarized the common points of overseas reaction!

1) The design is really good!

2) What is different between Genesis brand and Hyundai? It is hard to distinguish design differences from Genesis!

3) The front part is BMW or Volvo, the rear part is Dodge Challenger, and the interior is BMW feeling, but it made quite well!

4) The best combination of what I've seen so far! Infiniti + Audi + BMW

5) Indoor center fascia design is similar to Toyota

6) We hope to be released in Europe!


 Can we overturn the market of semi-large markets? YES !!!

In the case of the 6th generation Grandeur, Hyundai is separating the Genesis brand and is actually the leading sedan of Hyundai. Due to the launch of the Grandeur, the Aslan, which is the Grandeur's top model, has become even more breathtaking and has recently changed to the 8th stage with the application of the face lift, which has increased its marketability, but I think it has failed to meet consumer expectations and eye-level.

Therefore, the 6th generation Grandeur will represent Hyundai Motor, which will be a model to accommodate some customers of Genesis, and it will be a vehicle that can threaten Jennysys at the same time with his brother Aslan. The fact that the Genesys brand has not yet established a strong position in the global market is likely to be a threat.

The 6th generation Grandeur commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Grandeur will compete in the market with Renault Samsung SM6 and K7, but Grandeur expects to win the first place. If the main character of the automobile market in 2016 was Renault Samsung SM6 and QM6, it seems that the main character will become a grander from now on.

Let's hope for the propaganda of Grandeur, the representative model of Korea!



※ I am writing to share information, but I am using Google Translator because I do not have enough ability to express English words.




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Kia Motor launches flagship Sorento KX7 in China! What's the difference with the domestic version? comparison KX7!

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Kia Motors launches flagship Sorento KX7 in China! What's the difference with the domestic version? comparison KX7!

Photos, news.drom.ru excerpt | Writing, lastzone.com pondcloud!





Korea's most popular SUV SORENTO, the KX7 is China Version by Kia Motors, was introduced through the "2016 Guangzhou Motor Show". The code name of the KX7 is QM, which is different from the Sorento codename UM, which is sold domestically and overseas. So, there are some people who think that the Sorento face lift version to be released in the next year is KX7.


It has been a long time since the world 's largest automobile market became China, and the global car maker introduced the Chinese exclusive car. In recent years, Volkswagen's large SUV, Atlantis, BMW 1 and 5 series, and other vehicles were introduced to China. Now, the Chinese automobile market is the most important market, and it is natural for automakers to introduce their own vehicles to China.




In the case of the Sorento (UM), which is the most popular in the domestic market, face lift is planned for the next year, so some of the designs reflected in the Chinese version KX7 (QM) may be reflected in the face lift version. For example, mufflers, one of the biggest complaints for Sorrento buyers, are likely to improve in the face lift version like the dual mufflers of the KX7. From now on, let's analyze China flag flagship Sorento KX7 closely.


Impression of a burger resembling a tiger!

The front of the KX7 impressions are reminiscent of a tiger. Compared with the Sorento, the bonnet, front and rear bumper design changes, head lamps and tail lamp changes, fog lights, and various other parts have been applied to the new design. The design is reminiscent of the tiger's teeth while applying the "ㄱ" shaped fog lamp. If you look at the changed width, you can feel a clear design difference with the existing Sorento.



In the case of the central grille, the shape of the dot has been changed from a compact dot shape to a wide honeycomb shape. Most of the material of the grill, using glossy chrome, is a design that emphasizes presence with the glitz of Chinese favorite.








The head lamps have wider widths, and the outer bottom has been redesigned like a drop of water. In addition, although the domestic version of the daytime version is designed like eyebrows on the headlamps, the newly designed headlamps have a strong presence when the daytime lights are turned on while the half-moon-shaped daylight is inserted into the headlamps along with the eyebrows Seems to.







The newly designed "ㄱ" shaped fog lamps make the body look dynamic with a wider effect and complete the tiger's face.





Sides: Longer bodywork, higher loopback, harmonious C-pillar

The side of the monotonous feeling differs from Sorento in many areas. The shape of the bonnet, such as the ripples of the waves over the front headlamps, has been changed to a straight line, and the front and rear bumpers have become longer with design changes. The battlefield is longer than the Sorento by a whopping 80mm. It is expected that the front and rear bumper designs have been changed in order to make the bumper design look bigger, rather than changing the interior space. Raised the height of the roof rack in an integrated feeling. The biggest change in the side part is the C-pillar, which has been extended to the back so that the visibility of the three-row passengers is better, and the design is more masculine than the softness of the existing Sorento.






Sophisticated tail lamp and dual muffler

If you have the most despair in the high-end Sorento design, it is the muffler of the faucet shape and the inner shape of the tail lamp which is a feeling of chest. The KX7 has a dual muffler, which is the desire of Sorrento buyers.






The interior design of the tail lamp changes to the shape similar to the L shape inside the tail lamp of the Volkswagen 7th Generation Golf, emphasizing refinement. This is a relatively simple part, but I hope to improve it in the Sorrento Face Lift version!





The faucet-shaped muffler is newly designed with a dual muffler. The new rear bumper design incorporates a dual-muffler with a three-dimensional yet dynamic design.




KX7 dual mufflers only buy aftermarket and DIY who will not even expect to appear!








What are the interior changes of the KX7?

Looking at the newly launched KX7 in China, I realize that China's position as the center of the automobile market has changed from the past. Although the code name is different, the KX7, which can be considered a Derivative model of Sorento, is a model with a big difference in design like Hyundai's Grandeur and Aslan.







Although the indoor space is not included in this published part, the indoor space is known to be different, and the KX7 is said to be applied to the protruding navigation. The shape of the center fascia is similar to that of the K5, so you may think that the protruding navigation is applied to the center part.



Can the KX7 succeed in the Chinese market?

The Chinese market is dominated by a number of global automotive brands that are already competing to showcase their cars in China. Volkswagen's large SUV, Atlas, is also the first market in China to be the first to show off. Hyundai Group is expected to drop its global sales volume from 5th to 6th. For the Hyundai Group, the Chinese market is the most important overseas market along with the US market, and it aims to strengthen Hyundai Group's position in the Chinese market by launching the KX7.


In particular, the KX7 is equipped with advanced features such as safety assisted driving devices such as front collision aiding assistant (FCA), lane departure warning (LDW) and high beam assistant (HBA) It is. The powertrain is said to be equipped with 2.0 / 2.4 petrol engines and 2.0 gasoline turbo engines.


The KX7 is a derivative model of Sorento (UM), but it was born as a SUV in China, which is different from Sorento. We will notify you quickly if there is news of how the interior space has changed with the change of appearance.


Let's hope for the domestic automobile manufacturers to promote the Chinese car market!



 * I am writing to share information, but I am using Google Translator because I do not have enough ability to express English words.



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